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Agility Equipment and Training Books?

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I know I already asked this question sometime ago, but somehow I have misplaced the info and feedback I got :confused: .

Can someone tell me where I can get info on either making and/or purchasing agility equipment. Any books that have blueprints or diagrams? Also any good books on teaching agility? I am a Certified Pet "Obedience", Instructor, but have never taught agility and want to learn. Thanks

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There's a "Search" option in the top right corner that may be helpful for you to find your previous post.


One suggestion though, I'd first enroll yourself in agility classes. Agility is not obedience. :rolleyes: Agility has evolved considerably since the first competitors started heeling their dogs around obstacle courses (although that's pretty much what UKC still is).



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BTW, you can go onto the AKC website and get the specifications for agility equipment. We built most of our's ourself. Just purchased the tunnels. Unfortunately, my one dog is totally bored with agility, she's competing in sheepdog trials now, and doing very well.


Good luck.

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I purchased Introduction to Dog Agility by Margaret H. Bonham and found it helpful. She has ideas for making equipment and explains the competition, and some great background on agility. I'd use it for background, but would certainly want more information before I taught a class.


My purpose in getting this book was not to do competitive agility. We had a new rescue dog and were hoping that, if she learned some agility basics, it would help exercise her and build her confidence. There is an agility instructor locally, but we wanted something less formal for now.


I was also curious about the commands and wanted to make sure when we were teaching Seska tricks and obedience that we didn't overlap commands.


There's lot of great photos and ideas.

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LeAnn thanks for the book suggestion. I to am concerned about the use of "commands", for obedience vs. agility vs. herding etc...

I have been teaching obedience for quite some time but have never taken a dog through a full course of agility. I am familiar with it of course, but I want professional direction to teach Phoenix.

Thanks again to you and everyone for their great advice and suggestions.

If there is anyone living in the Southern Maryland area, with a BC I would love to hear from you. JoeAnne & Phoenix

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Hey Joe Ann


While you certainly want to keep your precision obedience commands separate, I'm finding that agility and herding complement each other quite well. Certainly, for example, the 'body language' we use for a half-circle sequence of jumps matches that used when teaching flanks - right hand out for anti-clockwise - "away" and left hand for clockwise - "come/go bye". I'm still trying to get a lead out on my dog for both agility and sheep work. I've found things like "steady" and "stop" are useful in both, and in herding, lie down. The big difference is that in sheep work you want to leave room for the dog to think for itself, and respond to what the sheep are doing - not just mechanically do what you're asking. Until you get really good reading stock, the dog will often be correct - provided she's still cooperating with you to get the job done.


(I should say that although we started herding with the idea of doing AKC type trials, I'm finding that we actually do a lot better just concentrating on real sheep work on my trainer's farm, so that I'm not fussing to get so much precision on Kirra - we're mainly concerned with getting the jobs done in a reasonably calm and efficient manner! And I should also say that Kirra has absolutely NO problem differentiating agility from sheep work - agility is pure fun for her - sheep work is a rewarding job.)

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