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i have a problem with our female BC Kira, she is ok in obedience (will occasionally just switch off tho) but when it comes to agility she has no focus, she is not interested in treats or any tug toys or other stimuli apart from my dog, given any lee way as soon as she finishes an obstacle she will try and find him (I think, she thinks he is her reward!!) if i have him tied near the course she will go straight to him, if he is in the car she will leave the course area to go find him, if i leave him at home she is always looking around for him.

She has no interest in balls or kongs or anything like that unless it is to take it off Sparty!!

hubby is making a course to play with at home which is great for Sparty but it is going to be very frustrating if she does it at home as well, one problem is she can me a bit timid with all the dogs around and sparty maybe her security blanket. (she is farm bred herding stock)

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I am sorry I can't offer more advice. My younger male now 2 year old border collie, Griffin, used to do something very similar. He grew up with Carlie, our now 4.5 year old female, and I swear he is the typical little brother. He thinks she is sooooo cool and he wants to be like her when he grows up. :cool: When I was starting them in agililty I would take turns putting them in down stays while I ran the other. Any time I told Griffin "good" or "what a good boy" he would have to run over to Carlie and touch noses with her. It was like he was saying, "did you hear that? I'm a good dog too!" Then he would run back for more agility.


This is different as Griffing is very outgoing and he Loves!!!! agility. I just always laughted at him and called him back. He no longer does it except when I praise him hugely for doing a very difficult run.


Hope you get more replies and good luck!

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We made a mistake the first night of 10 month old Kye's agility class by letting her play with the instructor's lab puppy before class; when it was time to be serious and do agility, Kye kept one eye on Dixie, hoping there'd be another playtime. After 6 weeks of short sequences, lots of praise and no playing with Dixie, we're making some progress.

Try to limit interaction between your 2 dogs (I know that's difficult) and make yourself more exciting than anything on the course.

Barb S

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