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Catching the frisbee

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Jinx loves the frisbee but with the frisbees we've had and his speed he's been getting to them after they've already landed... Now he's a little older and a little faster. I just got a hyperflite jaws frisbee, and it is amazing to throw. I am an excellent frisbee thrower(I work on the beach during the summer and it's basically what the coworkers and I do during down time if we're not in the water, and play frisbee golf... I'm a good frisbee thrower)


He's caught it a few times, no crazy ariel acrobatics. I throw them nice and low. Is this ok. I wasn't sure if it's the catching of frisbees or the jumping for frisbees that's frowned upon. He's 7 months. He's got great eye mouth coordination and can catch most things.

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Similar here...mine is 9 months now. He's a frisbee freak and can't get enough. I throw really low to the point of mostly grounders just because I don't want him jumping. I tried the rolling only and he just looked at me with a ...WTF Old Man..?? look on his face.


One thing that really works for the rolling only is a looped up length of garden hose with a wood dowel (I use my lathe and a heat gun for a perfect fit that won't pull apart) as a joint holding the ends together. You can vary the length of the dowel. A short dowel piece will make the best circle for rolling but a longer piece makes a nice rigid handle. The best tug toys, too..

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