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Small split toe nail (no blood)

Nanda & Nelson

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Over the weekend, I noticed Nelson was limping a little bit. I thought he might had overstepped himself while we were walking in the forest. When I checked his pads once we got home, I noticed one of his toe nails was cracked. He has had this once before, where it broke off until the quick was exposed (lots of blood and pain). We had to go the the vet for this one but I am in doubt for the new split nail.


The split is probably on 2/3 mm on the top and it hasn't been bleeding at all. It doesn't seem to bother him. He will not allow me to clip the broken piece of though... I have been cleaning it and put some polysporin on, I have wrapped it up and we have been just sticking with leash walks. Its been 5 days now and nothing has changed. I thought maybe the broken piece would fall off but it is to attached for that I think.


I've read a lot of things to do when the nail is cracked all the way and when it bleeds, but I am wondering what to do with a small crack. I definitely don't want it to get bigger.


Somewhere I read (maybe it was on this forum or a horse-owner-forum) to use some super glue? So it wont crack any further?


Basically I am trying to avoid having to spend over $200 at the overpriced Vancouver vet clinics - but ofcourse I will if any signs of infection shown (so far I have seen none).

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I agree that if it's not an issue to him, it probably shouldn't be an issue to you.


I have one dog with a bit of a "shelly" toenail. Particularly if the nail gets a bit long, it tends to lift off in thin layers. Sometimes, it can do so in enough layers that it hurts him. Then I clip it and it's a non-issue. Maybe you could work with him in getting him to let you trim it a bit so it doesn't snag on anything and hurt.


Good luck!

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