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Yorkshire in March

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We will be in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire from March 22 to March 29, and in Hawes, North Yorkshire from March 29 to April 5. Hoping for lots of lambs in the fields and dark beers in the pubs. But will there be anything going on around there for fans of border collies? Other, of course, than just being able to watch them working in the fields or getting to greet them in the village.

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Dear Ms. Nancy,

March/April is the peak lambing season. I believe the nursery season ends in early March and most regular trials don't start until May. Doubtless the ISDS can inform you better. Sheepdoggers offering farm training clinics might be another possibility. You can google some of them.


Donald McCaig

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We watched a young dog being trained just after we left the Green Dragon pub in Hardraw an d climbed the hill above the lane. A woman was working a dog with a few sheep in the field we'd just passed. We sat at the stone wall and watched for ages! Some others folks commented that the dog wasn't doing a very good job of bringing the sheep in. I knew enough to say that the dog was young and learning. Heck, you could tell by the way the woman praised the dog when it got anything right.


Several times, over the years, we have seen sheep born in village fields. And I can make a perfect disconnect between those cute lambs and the lamb chops I get at the butcher shop and grill for dinner.


We may be a bit too early for the foals up on Cliff Bank in Holmfirth. Hope not.

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Marcus and Mandy Bainbridge near Barnard Castle give 1-1 sheepdog lessons and I expect they'd let you use one of their dogs if you wanted to have a go and, as Donald says, it should be lambing time up there. It's not too far from the Dales.


Very nice people.


Google Laverock Farm, Barnard Castle if you have a while to spare. Pity their cottages are booked up when you'll be here.

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