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Can anyone in Colorado suggest something?

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This is a blog entry I wrote this evening. It is disturbing. I don't blame you if you don't read it. But I needed to say these things. PM me if you want the guy's phone number.


The Christmas Puppies

I know a man who lives in Colorado. He owns a Border Collie. A female. On Christmas she had six puppies. He says they are purebred Border Collies. He says they came from "working lines." He says they're so cute.

I'm sure they are. Just like these...


He says he's found homes for two.

One with "a woman he knows."

One with her sister who has substance abuse problems, who once "rescued a dog." He says she "lives on a farm."

He said he's going to start weaning the puppies at three weeks. That's tomorrow.

He says the part of Colorado where he lives is "a terrible place for dogs." He says there's "a lot of animal abuse there."(La Jara, Colorado)

He says he knew his 3-year-old bitch was in heat when he took her out to a farm and let her run off-lead. He said "he didn't know there was another dog there."

He said "he was planning to breed her anyway." He said "it would make her a better dog."

This is the same guy who used to let his first Border Collie out of the trailer he lived in to do her business anywhere she liked in the trailer park. Finally his neighbors gave up on yelling at him and poisoned the dog. She died in his arms. He didn't have money for the vet.

That's what he said about not getting her spayed. "He didn't have money for the vet."

He says in three years he didn't have $65.00 to get her spayed.

I am so angry I want to break things. Mostly his head. I don't have the money or other resources to take the puppies. And I don't have a car, I don't drive, and I live three states away. In an apartment. With a dog and a cat.

Because of his carelessness and stupidity, even if his puppies all get good homes, 6 more dogs or puppies won't.

Maybe this one:


or this one:


this one:


or this one:


or this one:


or this one:


And what about his dog's puppies? What kind of lives will they lead? How long will it be before his bitch is pregnant again? How many dogs will die for his sins?

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Two things come to mind. One, perhaps a rescue in the area could offer to spay the bitch. I would be willing to act as liason and pay for part or possibly even all of the spay.


And perhaps they could help with placement. I don't think the owner will look too closely at prospective homes. Perhaps the rescue could refer people who want a puppy as opposed to an adult dog.


Is that out of line? I don't claim to be rational on the subject, but I feel that something should be done. And I'm willing to help however I can, but it's so far away I can't do hands on stuff.


ETA. I have e-mailed this person offering to mail his vet a check for getting his bitch spayed.

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You might suggest he look into low cost spay vouchers. His ACO or local shelter should know where to obtain one.


Good luck. The guy is obviously clueless.


My now ~16 year old had a similar start to life. She was found wandering the streets of Trenton, NJ. Some well meaning folks took her in, but they didn't have her spayed and they had an intact male husky. When she had her first litter, they contacted the shelter who took the pups and asked them to have her spayed. A year later, the same thing happened, except that the shelter exerted more pressure on them to have her spayed. Another year later, when the same thing happened, they offered to pay for the spay. The people told them to just take her, along with the puppies. :o Probably the best thing in the long run, though.


ETA: The point of my story is that this guy may not be any more receptive than Tilly;s former owners were. . . . so don't be too surprised if he doesn't take you up on it. :(

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