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I have a just two year old pup that is still having difficulty with his driving. It's probably a combination of me and him :0) He is fairly confident on his cross drive, but lacks confidence on his drive away. If he has a good pace going, he slides to the right every chance he gets. If he is unsure he will look back or if he is stopped, he may need encouragement to get his walk back on. I will continue to work shorter drive distances in hopes of giving him more confidence. But, what can I do to stop his sliding on the drive to the right?

Thanks, Suzanne

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You can improve your timing.

Running up the side anywhere, indicates you have failed to stop your dog in time to prevent it. He indulges his inclination to gather to you and voila,

The absence of that sharpness on your part, will slow down his understanding of the job too. If your dog is not made to understand the job, he cant help with the holding of the line, which cleverly trained dogs learn to do. There is the advantage of the experienced hand doing the training. But you are on this job to get the experience, so good on you. Perhaps you could start by stopping him before you think you have to and therein demand that he fall in behind and take the drive line.

I like to walk in eye shot of the young one, so that he doesn't have to look around at me, as you say yours does. I stroll at right angles to the job and expand that distance as the training progresses. But for the time being, stay with him.

Keeping the lines short will always help but be sure that the lines are true and straight. Wobbling around keeps dogs from grasping the nuts of bolts of the drive.

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