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how did you guys teach your dogs to bring it? Ben isn't much for playing fetch..he runs after his toys and then gets 'the maddies'-growling and shaking them like there's no tomorrow. he also likes to play keep away. Thing is, he loves to run after his toys. But he just won't bring them back. I basically had to teach him what toys were, and now i'd really like to teach him fetch because a)i'd like to teach him new things and :rolleyes: 7 miles a day is going to kill me.


speaking of which, are there any tricks you guys would recommend teaching him?

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I had to tie string to Tess's toys so that I could reel her and the toy in. :rolleyes: After awhile, she got the hang of it. She still plays keep away, though we are working on that.


If you teach "touch" you can teach "touch the ___" and then teach your dog the names of all his toys, and your shoes, and once you figure out "bring it" (sorry I can't help with that one), then you can say "bring the ___."


I've taught Tess the usual sit, down, wait, etc. but she also knows shake, high five, touch (usually my hand), catch a ball (in a sitting position), and I hope to teach her to catch her little training treats so I can toss them to her.


There's a list of things to teach (but not how to teach them) here: http://www.clickersolutions.com/articles/2002c/tricks.htm


Allie & Tess

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If he will go pick up the toy, you can do a couple things.


1. When he goes and gets it, you can run the other way and maybe he will chase you while holding the toy/ball, etc...


2. You can put a leash on him and reel him back in once he grabs the toy/ball


I had to try and teach one of my dogs how to retrieve and he did not like balls and such. I was hoping to train him in flyball so liking a ball was necessary. So I started off by playing with the ball all by myself. I would throw it in the air, bounce it against a wall and as soon as any interest was shown, I put the toy away. I did this for a couple weeks. Then one day he was showing so much interest I finally let him see what I had, he touched and I whooped and hollered, lots of praise. I then went back to playing with by myself off and on. Then I put it away. Finally I started throwing it very short distances and he would go and get and I would run the other way. It took me months to get this dog to retrieve a tennis ball.


Separate from creating ball interest I worked on the retrieve. I knew he loved to play tug so I used soft toys that we could play tug with. I would only throw it a foot, he would pick up, I would say bring and grab the toy and kind of pulling him towards me... I would then play tug. It was self rewarding for him. It took about a month but he finally got it.


OK, he is not a border collie, he is just a poodle but if I can teach a mini poodle to retrieve you can get yours to.

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