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Thought I would try to share a video from yesterday of our dog Slick who has been working down at the feedlots down in Creston, Iowa


The first part of the video Slick is moving heifers down the alley as they have been sorted from momma cows, they had just been brought in off corn stalks a few minutes before.


The second part of the video is of Slick in one of the lots on a mixed group of steers and heifers, these calves had only been handled by dogs about 3 times previous to yesterday.


The last section show Slick crowding momma cows up toward the barn so that they can be loaded into the processing alley.


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That's a story in itself, basically not the right type of dog for how they want to use one. Originally when they bought him from us their goal was to learn how to use a dog differently, that never happened and actually feel very lucky to get him back.

I had told the owner that we would take this dog back when he bought him as a pup but I don't think he really took me seriously. About 3 weeks ago the phone rings, it was the owner asking about papers, he wasn't able to find them forgetting that this pup was out of a unregistered bitch we had so does not have papers.


Any way, I asked how the dog is doing, he says fine but that he is selling him and someone is asking about papers. Whoa....I asked how much he wanted for the dog, a jaw dropping small amount, I asked him to please mark the dog sold and went up to MN the next day to get him back home.


Ends up one of my FB friends had seen him advertised on Craigslist and is who inquired about the papers, her plan was to buy him for herself as a project dog but then the owner called her back saying he was sold instead of telling her if he had papers.


This is actually the first of our dogs that have been offered for sale, and honestly he should have been priced way out of our reach and I would not blame anyone for asking quite a lot for him. Just comes down to the owner really didn't use the dog in a way that would make him valuable to him so he didn't see any value and was just letting him go as if he was going to be not real useful to the next guy.


The dog has been treated very well, just has not been used, just left to run the feedlots and do what ever he wants when he wants.

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Not registered, "not used in a way that would make him valuable" ... "left to run the feedlots and do whatever he wants when he wants" ... Why should he have been priced out of anyone's reach?

I, personally, didn't see anything amazing. Worked fine, will probably be more useful with more training, but didn't blow my socks off. A dog that's left to their own devices, sometimes, is worse than one that hasn't been worked at all. They can develop bad habits that are very tough to break, and to me, that's not real valuable. I guess that's why they say it's all in the eye of the beholder.

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