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International Sheds from 2012 National Finals

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LOL! More likely: one of the dogs ate my computer? No, I'll just tell her that a dog ate my grading, so the only recourse was to watch your shedding video!


The power of FB: I knew to look for this here because a FB friend posted a link to it, probably within minutes of your having uploaded it!


Tell your mentor your dog ate your homework!

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Thanks for putting the video together and uploading it. As always, superb, knowledgeable camera work.


It's seems so counter-instinctive for dogs to let sheep pass to the exhaust group, rather than hold/fetch to the handler. Is this one exceptional instance among the many tasks asked of a border collie that depends chiefly on unwavering obedience; or after extensive practice/training, does the dog understand the ultimate goal, and therefore tend to ignore sheep moving to the exhaust group? I'm not asking rhetorically :mellow:


My dog stays off the sheep as asked, and I can position her as needed, yet it's often somewhat of a fight to keep her in, for example, a down as sheep are, to her, getting away.


Instructive video. -- Thank you, TEC

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I am not claiming to be an expert on the international shed. Tip and I work on it at home with some success and have attempted it in a double lift final with very little. That said, at the basic level it isn't really that much different than a regular shed... lining out your 5 sheep, letting 3 pass, then closing the gate on the last two. With the international shed it is just done numerous times. Add a lot of strategy, experience and a bit of luck and, Bob's your Uncle, you have a shed..


I think dogs get it. Tip gets it. He knows what we are doing... he knows we are going to let some sheep pass before we close the gate. Taking the handler/dog communication to another level happens when your dog gets which ones you don't want to let pass. watch the regular shedding video again... Faansie's shed and the single I did with Tip show the closing gate with escaping sheep pretty well.


A similar circumstance is the set out. Dogs hold sheep until another dog comes to take them away. The set out dog has to be willing for his sheep to "escape."



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Cool, can't wait!!!!


I truly appreciate all your effort in recording videos and posting them for us to enjoy. I know well how much work it is both to record and edit these (says she, slogging through a year's worth of bird photos in hopes of choosing twelve to use in a calendar that's to be an Xmas present, trying not to think of the images promised the trial hosts for a trial held last September or the HUNDREDS of images still on my SD cards from the two clinics in November...).

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You have your work ahead of you!


i do too... I have 100's of runs on tape for a camera that is no longer operable. getting the camera replaced or fixed is one thing... watching all the runs to see which ones are worthy, another... then capturing them digitally... ugh.


who are you working with as a mentor?

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