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A Year in the Life of Raising Sheep


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On a sheep forum, I saw link to "Life on the Range", the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission website. Here is a video entitled, "A Year in the Life of Raising Sheep in Idaho", June 2013 publication.


Frank Shirts runs 28,000 ewes and lambs in the Boise, ID area. Video is about 25 min's, but has links to skip from one part to the next, as desired. Shows the entire cycle, and includes the herders and dogs. Has video and conventional photography. Shirts appears to genuinely enjoy his business, and to take excellent care of his bands/flocks.


Video link: http://www.lifeontherange.org/range-stories/frank-shirts.htm


The most recent video on the site about Henry Etcheverry, Basque Sheepman, is good, as well. -- TEC

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Thanks. Nice to see a video about modern sheep ranching. Very similar here in Nevada. Mules, Dutch ovens and wall tents. I used to run into herders in wagons in the old days. They were Basque, but later from South America and China.


Sheep are being used successfully as a tool to improve range land and decrease the threat of fire. Picon punches for everybody.

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