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  1. Sometimes I show my female BC Ruby Begonia a treat. She will do all of the tricks she knows in rapid succession ending with "Play Dead."
  2. All of my dogs i the last 50 years have really liked music, especially Grateful Dead music. They lie in front of the speakers.
  3. I would buy him a vest like duck dogs use for hunting. Neoprene adds a lot of warmth to the core temperature.
  4. Tec, Thanks. Nice to see a video about modern sheep ranching. Very similar here in Nevada. Mules, Dutch ovens and wall tents. I used to run into herders in wagons in the old days. They were Basque, but later from South America and China. Sheep are being used successfully as a tool to improve range land and decrease the threat of fire. Picon punches for everybody.
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