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How to correct odd behavior

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This morning, I woke up to a very strange sort of grinding sound. I started to search the house for the culprit and I found Ruby, laying on the floor chewing the paint and plaster off of the wall. She has done this a few times, and I thought that we had corrected it. Once was a floorboard and the other time was the wall, which she chewed while she was laying on the bed. She only does it when I'm sleeping and she's awake. I'm worried because paint and plaster aren't the best things to ingest and now I have these three dents in my wall. Is there any way to correct this behavior? Should I put her in her cage while I'm sleeping? She has plenty of chew toys and she's a pretty good dog otherwise. I just don't understand her fascination with the wall.





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Chief used to chew on the woodwork in our house when he was teething. We used a spray called "Bitter End", which is peppery and bad tasting. After just one shot of the spray, he recognized the bottle whenver we took it out and would run away from it. We sprayed the wood he had been working on and anything else we thought he might go after. This did the trick. -MA

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