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Hello! I'm Ale, I live in Uruguay and wanted a BC for almost all my life.

Finally, I was able to get one. He's adorable, doesn't even bark (yet!) and if he gets bored he just sleeps (doesn't even cry!) He's 3 months old.


But I have a few questions...


He was brought here from another state, about 3 hours away. He also had to stay on its crate for about 5 hours, because the breeders didn't come right away to my house.

So he was a little bit scared, but he rapidly gained trust and started playing and exploring the house.


Soon he started panting, and I gave him some water and food (he hadn't ate because of the trip). He was really hungry and thirsty. Since he was on a crate with his brother, he came all dirty, so I gave him a quick bath with warm water. He didn't like it a lot but stayed calmed.


He wanted to explore and play a lot, but I couldn't let him since I still need to clean the room so he doesn't eat anything wrong. He noticed I didn't let him move a lot so he just slept. The "problem" I have, is that he breaths really fast! I don't know if that's normal or not. I'm kinda worried. Actually I was so worried I woke him up twice, but he started playing and acting normally. Now he started breathing a little bit slower. He moves a bit and his eyes open (really little), I guess he's dreaming? He pants though, I guess because he's got a lot of energy and plays with basically everything.


Another thing is, we've got a cat, and the cat didn't like him a bit. The dog is really calm with the cat, he doesn't try to play with him or anything. But well, that could be because he accidentally started playing near the cat and the cat tried to attack him... what could we do so they start to get along?


Tomorrow I will get a crate to start crate-training.


Last thing, he's got 3 vaccines... Can I take him outside to play and run or should I give him another shot? Anyway tomorrow I will go to the vet to buy his food and will ask him that.


That's all I guess. Thank you all!


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Hi, and welcome. If you're worried about him, it might be worth the cost to gain the peace of mind of having your vet give him a "well puppy check." It's just a check to make sure that he is basically healthy. You can discuss with your vet your concerns about his breathing.


As for eyes being partly open when he's sleeping/dreaming, that's normal.


As for the cat, I think you should just make sure the pup doesn't harass the cat. When he's little, the cat might be able to intimidate him, but now, while he's impressionable is a good time for you to train him that he is not allowed to chase or bother the cat. I have one room in my house with a baby gate across the door so the cats have someplace to go that's dog free. If that's an option for you, you might want to consider that. It will also allow you to feed the cat and give it a litter pan without worrying about the pup getting into any of it.


Generally, once the cat realizes that the pup isn't a threat and that you're not going to allow the pup to harass it, it will accept the puppy and may even choose to become friends. I have cats and dogs and some of the cats will play with puppies, but I allow that only if the cat initiates it and I am there to supervise, since even a little pup can inflict some damage, even if not intentionally.


The general rule of thumb on vaccines is that the last one should be given at 16 weeks or shortly thereafter. I would probably take him out for socializing, but avoid areas where lots of dogs congregate, because that's where he'd be most likely to be exposed to disease.


He's very cute. What's his name? And we always love puppy pictures, so feel free to post plenty.



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Thank you Julie!


He's now breathing normally, but he's finally exhausted too :P I think he had a lot of energies before and wasn't really sleeping. I kept him tied while I cleaned the room for him so he became bored and took a nap, but didn't want to.


Actually the cat seems a little curious, but when she tries to check on my dog, the dog becomes crazy and she hisses, more offensively. I think the crate will help a lot too, because now the cat must sleep outside the room (where she has her litter box and food usually) with my boyfriend (the only person in the world the cat actually trusts) because it's much easier to take care of the puppy in the room. So she should get a site for her own, the problem is this apartment is small... Yes, I know, how come I got a BC if I live in an apartment? Well I will take him out everyday at least 2 hours, and most weekends we go to my bf parents' house which is much bigger and near the beach, and I will take him with me obviously!


And thanks for the vaccine advise :) I will take him out and avoid other dogs until he's 16 (12 now).


He doesn't have a name yet! I'm still looking for one... He came with a name already on his papers, but I don't like it... I'm still thinking of a better one.


By the way, should I start clicker training him now?

And also, how much does a BC puppy eat? The breeders told me 3 times per day, 100 grams each. Is that OK?


Also, he's doing great with his potty training! I'm not even training him (well, I guess I am, since I've been looking for him all day) and he's done all his "stuff" outside the house! We've got a little courtyard, easier to clean and no bad smells in the house :)

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He doesn't have a name yet! I'm still looking for one... He came with a name already on his papers, but I don't like it... I'm still thinking of a better one.


By the way, should I start clicker training him now?

Call him whatever name you like. It is a common practice in this country for a dog to have a different "call name" than is on their registration papers.


Yes, you can definitely start clicker training now. My breeder started my puppy when he was 5 weeks old.


Very cute puppy.



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Hello again. Thanks for the reply!


I took him out today for a long walk, 2 hours long maybe. I avoided dogs, though there were just a few luckily.

He's sleeping now, he got tired at last! He was a little scared of cars and noises but behaved really well.


I went to the vet for food and to ask about his vaccines, and the vet told me two things:

1.- It's weird to have dew claws on rear legs. He's got two claws on each, also. He told me I should remove them in a surgery... I don't know if I should really do that or is it OK just to keep them short...

2.- He's allergic to plastic. He's got a little irritated his skin on his upper muzzle, they vet said that was because of the contact with his plastic bowls. I thought it was just something he got when playing with his brother, but apparently not.


I must said I feel worried about him. He comes from decent breeders as far as I know... I guess they can't guess or know if a puppy will be allergic anyway. I'm worried he has more problems, but so far he's been really quiet, well behaved (though energetic) and already learnt to pee outside the house. He's tired now but later I will start the clicker training.

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Although it's not unknown, BCs don't often have rear dewclaws. Double rear dewclaws is pretty unusual.


Rear dew claws are often not completely attached, that is the bone isn't firmly attached to the other foot bone and so they're very floppy. That means they can get caught on things and tear, sometimes badly. It's a pretty simple matter to have these loose dewclaws removed. Sometimes breeders snip them off shortly after birth. They're just snipped off and maybe a stitch or 2 to keep the small would closed while healing. If he's going to be neutered, I'd definitely have them removed while he's under anesthesia for that.


My lurcher girl has (single) floppy rear dewclaws and I was annoyed that they weren't removed when she was spayed before I adopted her. I won't have her put under to have them removed (and at least so far she hasn't had a problem), but I've given the vet instructions that, should she ever have to be put under for anything in the future, they come off at that time.


As far as I know, 3 months is young for a pup to be showing signs of allergies. They usually develop after a dog is a year or 2 old. At least that's what I was told by my vet when I had a severely allergic dogs over 30 years ago. So it's possible my info is old. It might be something you'd want to look into a little more . . .

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They aren't double, but he's got 2 claws on each dew claw... It's weird too I think.


I don't want to neuter him yet, but if do later, I think I would remove them. They are floppy, I just hope it doesn't hurt him a lot later...


I thought too it may not be allergy. Yesterday he played a lot on a large plastic bag and he's perfectly fine. The irritation on his muzzle is only right after his nose, and doesn't seem bad. I still think it happened when he was playing, but I will keep an eye on him.


He's scared of the cat. The cat is not spayed, and I don't think she will be anytime soon (she's not mine so not my decision), also she takes some pills to inhibit heat or something like that which I think makes her even more aggressive than usual. I just hope the crate helps them to get along.


EDIT: More pics! In some you can see his "irritated" skin and his dewclaw! He's my little monster, named Crono. :)





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