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Are dogged sheep more likely to suffer coyote attack

Tilly's Handler

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I am not sure just where this should be posted but will post it here

I have approx 140 ewes varying breeds age ect

I have some Suffolk cross, Cheviot cross, South down cross, Kathdins, Dorper cross and some that I don’t know

Most of my original ewes came from a flock that was attacked by coyotes on a regular basis I can tell as soon as I see them if there is one around by the way they act. It seems to be a learned behavior as the ewe lambs I am keeping this year are acting the same.

When a coyote, dog ect is around they head for the barn. My collie pup has gotten on them a few times by wiggling threw fence. Now as soon as they hear me whistling a recall they head for the barn.

I tested it last night I tried a couple of different whistle sounds but as soon as they hear what I use for my recall the field cleared at a run.

When and if they get dog broke will they still keep themselves safe from the coyotes or will they lose that. Now that being said when in the barn yard the older ewes will charge.

I have seen them run friends dogs and coyote.

Last spring had a coyote trying to get a lamb in the barn yard and an old Suffolk ewe I had kept it away from lamb it was after till I could get the gun loaded.


Just wondering if anyone has seen there sheep become more susceptible to coyote or dog attacks after they started working them with dogs


Thanks in advance for input


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I have never seen a difference unless they can run to an area where there is something to protect them and they know it. But you sure can tell when they have been bothered or attacked by anything. They act squirrely for days. Not that I blame them but there is a difference.


My sheep will come running if I whistle a dog command but only a couple times then they need more convincing.

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I think that sheep are so aware of strange dogs of ANY sort that a coyote would trip their alarm systems and they would go on the defensive. I've seen dog-broke sheep meet a dog they've never seen before - especially if it's a breed or type they've never seen before - and they act like utter loons! :rolleyes:

So, unless your sheep are complete deadheads, I wouldn't think exposure to your dogs would change their responses to strange canines, especially since they recognize coyotes as definitely NOT border collies or one of their own family.

My thought, anyhow. :)

~ Gloria

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