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Slightly odd food question

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I think I finally found a food Mr Picky actually likes, the only problem is I bought it on sale and the other flavors are really out of the budget.

The hit was chicken acana, anyone have any ideas for a similar but a little more budget friendly food. I try to stick around $50.00 a bag.

I have been feeding different Frooms and he eats them but reluctantly and it takes some bribes as well, he hated the Merck he had last month. In fact the Acana is the first time I have seen a clean bowl in ages.

Any ideas

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I am not squeamish about food in any way, I am a chef by trade but raw is not currently an option. Even having a friend who is a butcher obtaining meat at affordable prices in my area is challenging, and after spending almost a year cooking for my other dog due to his health problems I am acutely aware of the need to make sure the diet is balanced plus how much i spent on ingredients (even at wholesale prices) I am really not up to the challenge. Plus we are getting ready to move and dealing with frozen meat is not happening :) sorry Rievulx love you but dried kibble it is.

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I feed a combination of Acana and Fromm's and stretch the food budget by adding sliced carrots (2 pounds for 99 cents, as well as broccoli or spinach leaves). They also get cottage cheese and an egg every so often, plus appropriate left-overs. My dogs all like carrots, so we get the more expensive kibble, and cut costs with fresh veggies and other things added. So far, no issues with upset digestion.

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