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Puppy won't come!


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Ok, we've had our first BC pup for about 2 weeks now. He is generally catching on quite well. However...there are times when he refuses to listen while outside. On a leash, being told to come, and he lays inthe grass either looking at me or ignoring me. I have tried the happy voice, sometimes treats, toys. Picking him up dpoesn't work as he is too squirmy and I am afraid he'll get hurt. Simple solutions anyone? It's not consistantly a problem, but Ihaven't figured out how to avoid this.

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How old is the pup? A baby will take a while to catch on sometimes, and a slightly older one will sometimes ?try it on? to see what will happen. Sounds like you?re generally doing what most people would recommend. I would add ? try running backwards away from the pup (to stimulate the prey drive), maybe with a squeaky toy as well. Don?t forget to throw a major party every time the pup does come on call.


You probably know this, but just check that you?re ONLY ever calling the pup to you when it?s in the pup?s interests to come ? e.g. game, dinner, whatever floats the pup?s boat, and that you?re NEVER calling the pup to you for something the pup isn?t going to like ? e.g. stopping a game, or something like that. It doesn?t take a smart pup too many times of this to figure that he?s going to ignore the command. If you want him for something he doesn?t want, go get him, rather than calling him to you.


Use the play recall as many times as you can during the day, inside and out, and vary the rewards ? sometimes treats, sometimes just praise and loving, sometimes throwing a ball or playing with a toy. As often as not, release your pup with the go free word - so that ?come? doesn?t get associated with restricting freedom.


Oh, and another thought, how is the pup on the leash generally ? happy to walk on it, or fighting the restriction?


And another thought ? if you can get several people together, you can play ?round robin recalls? - sitting around and calling the pup from one to another ? each one could have a different reward ? short distances at first, and lots of high energy and high voices.


With this pup, I?d probably spend quite a bit of time getting him to accept being picked up. Make sure you have a hand under his tummy ? the other one can hold the folds at the back of his neck until you get him settled. Hold him firmly for a moment, telling him what a wonderful pup he is, then put him down and have some fun.

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Is the pup about 10 weeks old? if so you need to go right back to the start of recall firstly have the dog infront of you say its name then come and reward the dog with a treat. do this twice then on the 3rd time move a couple of steps backwards saying dogs name and come. thenn do this throughout the day. The lead does the dog not like the lead on, if not you need to put the lead on at different time through the day when there is something good ie, feeding time and let the dog eat with the lead attached then remove it after it has eaten. This way the dog will learn nice things happen when the lead is put on. Have games with it on as well. DOnt forget if the dog is only a young pup small training sessions at a time do not boar him and over do it.

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