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2013 Pipedream Farm Sheepdog Trial

Pipedream Farm

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This was the third year of the Pipedream Farm Sheepdog trials and this year we changed the trial field. Our farm is not flat and we took advantage of the main hill on the farm. The Open outrun was about 225 yards with a 160ft elevation gain from the post to where two ewes and two lambs were set. The fetch included a 10 steep slope off a small ridge that runs across the face of the hill. The drive was short but we offered a long cross-drive up the hill and across the ridge. The drive was followed by a split, pen, and then a single. Our farm flock of Kathahdins was mostly consistent throughout the day with a few groups becoming difficult due to weather conditions.


Fridays weather was beautiful and because we had the time we decided to offer a double lift final, just for fun, to the top 5 handlers from that day. Each team gathered two groups of four sheep, drove the course, split off 4 sheep and penned them. The ridge was challenging but the teams did a great job walking the sheep down the ridge on the fetch and driving them up on the cross-drive.


Saturday started off pleasant but as a cold front approached the wind picked up midday and eventually we had light rain. Fortunately the heavy rain held off until after the end of the class. Due to the rain we chose not to offer a double lift final.


By Sunday morning the rain had passed and we again had beautiful weather for Ranch, ProNovice, and NoviceNovice. For Ranch the sheep were set below the ridge in the middle of a nice bowl shaped field. The drive was the same as Open and the cross-drive was along the same line as open but below the ridge. The courses for ProNovice and NoviceNovice were in the same bowl shaped field as Ranch. Two ewes and two lambs were set for the novice classes and most groups were willing to stop when the dogs stopped. Most groups had to be put into the pen.


Renee and I wanted to host a trial with a relaxed atmosphere that feels like a bunch of friends gathering to work their dogs. Home baked muffins, fruit, coffee and water was available each day in our bank barn which served as our hospitality area. We hope everyone enjoy their weekend, we did.


As in past years we had a long list of volunteers for helping during the trial; Renee and I appreciate all the help and would like to thank all the volunteers. Todd Layfield helped us get our farm cleaned up and ready for the trial. He also worked the set-out pen all weekend, quietly moving sheep into the cutes and out onto the field. Sue Rayburn drove down from West Virginia simply to help with anything during the trial. Jim and Joanne Murphy jumped in to help with posting and ranking scores, making sure the judges and handlers tents was set and secure, and offering to judging the double lift. Finally, Renee and I really appreciated everyones help (especially Jim, Joanne, and Pam) tearing down the trial field after everything was over.


In addition to the great job Pam Gardner did judging all the runs, a special award was given to the most promising young handler. Morgan Dawkins was awarded this prize for his sock sense and handling style. Congratulations Morgan!


Sept. 20


1. Linda Tesdahl Suede 98

2. Linda Tesdahl Juno 94

3. Renee Billadeau B.J. 92

4. Linda Tesdahl Krew 91

5. Carla King Floss 89

6. Charlie Hurt Deacon 88

7. Victoria Wilcox Pat 86

8. Mark Billadeau Peg 85

9. Tom Wilson Roy 81

10. Sylvia King Dexter. 79

11. Karen Karkow Jade 74


Sept. 21


1. Mark Billadeau Nell 102

2. Mark Billadeau Peg 100

3. Renee Billadeau Bette 94

4. Karen Karkow Jade 94

5. Chris Bowen Bella 91

6. Charlie Hurt Deacon 89

7. Charlie Hurt Josey 88

8. Linda Tesdahl Juno 87

9. Carla King Floss 86

10. Chris Bowen Sam 84


Sept. 22


1. Barb Klein Wes 79

2. Dee Penatzer Queen 75

3. Jim Murphy Hemp 75

4. Dee Penatzer Floss 75

5. Doug Brewer Fly 72

6. Mark Billadeau Eve 71

7. Renee Billadeau Tally 70

8. Charlie Hurt Shep 70

9. Morgan Dawkins Gilly 69

10. Doug Brewer Kate 68

11. Nancy Liptak Rusty 63

12. Liza Williams Sue 62


Pro novice

1. Kathy Thompson Grace 74

2. Amanda Winecoff Chet 59

3. Peter Hall Bill 58

4. Peter Hall Meg 56

5. Robert McNaney Jillie 53

6. Sylvia Broderick Brody 51


Novice novice

1. Don Desrosiers Panda 55

2. Jean Ponstingle Daisy 42

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It was a wonderful, friendly, relaxed, hospitable, and challenging trial - thanks to Mark and Renee, Pam Gardner, Todd Layfield, and Jim and Joanne Murphy for all their hard work, before, during, and after!


I had a great time!

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Mark wrote: "Renee and I wanted to host a trial with a relaxed atmosphere that feels like a bunch of friends gathering to work their dogs."


Well, you certainly achieved your goal! The trial was that and so much more! My thanks to all for a wonderful trial!!!



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