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That's not Nan. I'm not sure if that's Maid (I don't think so), but it's certainly not Nan. That might be Rainey, but I'm not sure Diane ran her at Vashon.


Looks like they used lambs this year, instead of those wily range ewes (one year, the ewes were so tough, they were almost impossible to set). I'm sad to have missed the trial- it's one of my favorites, even though I never did very well on my runs. Nick & I always had fun setting sheep, watching from the top, and visiting with friends I didn't get to see very often.

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Just got back...that is not Nan I don't know whose dog it was!

Nan did well on the fiest day, placed 15th out of 60 plus dog. I retired Maid as she wasn't listening on her drive.Today, the fog rolled in on Maid's outrun so I didn't see the sheep until she cam out of the fog, offline...ooops...we missed all the panels but got the shed and pen. Nan ran at the end and most of the dogs at the end RT or DQ....severe Thunderstorm, they stopped the trial, a dog got loose and ran down the road, horrible. Nan was so freaked out and I had to talk her to go up the field. Game dog did as I asked and we finished the shed and pen and she bolted for the trucked...she has sever thunderstorm issues....placed mid pack. Stellar trials, and superb judging by Lyle Lad. She is an excellent judge and just a nice person with a kind word for everyone.

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My mom and Aunt called me up today and were excited to read the article. My mom is Japanese and English is not her first language (as well as my Aunt) so it was funny to hear them tell me that the dog was not Nan! And they never seen the dog either.



It might Karen Child's dog, Rock but not sure.



I love Lyle...she is such a gracious and classy person! I was so happy she won Nursery last year. Plus she helped tons with blogging last yr at the Finals. I had fractured my arm badly before the Finals so typing was hard so she stepped in and helped lots. Plus cheerful as can be.....a real inspiration!

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