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Hormone supplements after neutering young BC?

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This may be a strange question, however I am not finding much info online so I thought I'd ask. I am adopting a BC puppy and the rescue has strict rules that dogs must be spayed/neutered before being adopted. Although I have no desire to breed him, I am concerned with lack of hormones in regards to his natural growth progression. He will only be 8 weeks when scheduled to be neutered. I was hoping they would allow me to sign a contract of sorts promising that I will have him taken care of in due time, but I'm not making any progress. I understand their stance, with so many unwanted litters coming in, however I consider myself to be a very responsible dog caretaker and would definitely follow through with what I intend. If they remain solid on their "rules", are there any hormonal supplements for a young pup that would help him grow according to his natural schedule? He will be my companion either way, but with the very active lifestyle that I live and the abundance of land that he will live on, I'd hate to see him have joint issues before he gets into his senior years.


thanks for the input!

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I second Liz's recommendation, though I'm not sure how accommodating the rescue will be.


Were they going to do the neuter prior to adoption? That's often the way it's done, and it that's the case, I'd think you 'd have to have something lined up with a vet and be willing to foot any additional vet and even transportation costs. They probably have a vet who they work with on a regular basis, and who may give them a discount. It may be worth asking what vet thay plan to take him to and contact the vet yourself to see if she or he would do a vasectomy rather than a castration.


Whatever you're able to arrange -- if you're able to arrange it -- be prepared to pay for it yourself. I highly doubt it would be covered under the adoption fee, and I wouldn't expect them to discount that fee either.


Good luck.

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