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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has been having an issue with a virus warning on accessing the site? I use Spybot and AVG 2013 and this has been happening for the past week.

I let the virus programs do their job and restart. On restart, there doesn't seem to be an issue.

Any idea as to why this might be happening? It's only on the BC boards that I have this issue.




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Do you have AVG set to "do not track? My guess is that Spybot is simply picking up tracking cookies, and that AVG is picking them up as well, particularly if you have the "do not track" option activated on the latter. If my guess is correct, these are not viruses--they are tracking cookies. Tracking cookies can be innocuous or they can be spyware or adware. It all depends on what the author intends to do with them. An example of an innocuous tracking cookie: If you are checking the "remember me" tab when you sign in on these boards, the cookie stored on your computer for that purpose is pretty innocent (and your choice).


I use Norton, Malwarebytes and McAfee, depending on the computer and/or subscription year. I have not had a problem.

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