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How to stop the jumping

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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is experiencing such behavior coming from a puppy. But Naddi jump on peoples all the time. I've tried the no contact technique to kinda ignore her, but she don't seem to care. And it's kinda hard to ask every single stranger we pass as we walk to ignore her and avoid eyes contact.... I know she is still young, but I don't want this problem to end up being harder to resolve cause I've wait too long.


At first, when we got her, I tought it's cause she wasn't having enough exercise. But even after a complete day running around in my mom's huge yard, and playing with her dogs, she is still not tired enough not to jump like crazy. (as an exemple, there was multiple time where she had way more exercise than that and still no improvement..)


I know BC have alot of energy, it's not my first bc pup, but Naddi is like 200 times what my previous dog was. And even if she listen very well to the stay command, once she see someone, it's like she totally forgot what she know.


Anyone have advise I could try to make her stop this behavior? Thanks~

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With Yankee I taught him a command for it, it makes it easier for us when we are out walking or at the beach. I use 'manners' as our command. We started off in the house with myself and friends, if he couldn't mind his manners he got a timeout. He picked up the idea pretty quick, no he only jumps on people when invited or when he is VERY amped up- like agility class :-)


Just an idea.

Libby & Yankee

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I get mine doing sit really well and then I tell them to sit before the person they want to greet approaches. If you can get that person to cooperate, have them turn and walk away if the pup hops up and approach if the pup is sitting, then when they actually arrive have them bend down to your pup to pet her. Teach her she gets attention for sitting at peoples feet.

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Thanks for the ideas.


She get so excited when she see stranger. Sometime, she start whining and whimpering so loud, one time a lady at the park ask me if I ever let her out and see peoples.. as if I let her all day in a crate in a dark room or something -_-

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