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  1. I had embrace for Yankee, I will be re-upping it when I get home from deployment. They have different plans you can choose between and they also have a bonus program where you get 200$ a year to put towards spaying, flea/heartworm and routine stuff. They also cover prescriptons which can be a big hit when they get sick depending on what they need. I paid yearly instead of monthly and even with the 200$ bonus plan for routine stuff I think it was about 700$. You get a discount for doing it yearly. I had to use it a few times when he got sick and when he ripped up his carpal pads pretty badl
  2. Isn't that the dog from one of the Washington herding threads?
  3. Yankee is from this breeder, they do herd with their dogs but I do not know if they compete. Yankee is doing well in herding lessons, but maybe we just got lucky. I had originally thought they were quite responsible but we grow and learn and I am happy with my dog. I however must say they have recently started having more litters and that was a bit saddening
  4. It was mentioned that I will be leaving, still the suggestion was the same. I am waiting to hear back from a behaviorist in Seattle, it'll be quite a drive but if it helps it'll be worth it. He will be staying with my sister during deployment so she will be more than willing to help since she already works with him while I am at work. I did pick up a DAP collar today. I am not sure if there is a time frame for when it starts to work but so far no change really. He still quit on his walk today. He however did great during his herding lesson, now if I could just keep a sheep in my living ro
  5. Sorry I realized I didn't address everyone. The hypothyroidism article is very interesting, I had no idea those symptoms could be linked with noise sensitivity. I will look into the yahoo group, it is good to hear someone is having success with this issue! Gives me hope
  6. Thank you for all the advise. We have not tried the DAP, decided to see if the thunder shirt made a difference first. Will probably try either the DAP collar or melatonin next. I think the next step will depend on what our trainer recommends. Our vet doesn't seem very keen to discuss the subject, I was told to desensitize and try DAP and that young dogs can go through phases and he may just grow out of it. Yankee just turned one the end of September so maybe it is a phase, however it effects his everyday (and even hourly) life. I would like to hopefully work through this without any drugs
  7. Hello, I know I have not posted anything about this yet so I will try and not leave anything out. I apologize in advance if it rambles on, I figure the more detail the better. So back in early August I took leave and Yankee stayed with my sister (she lives with us so no real change except I was gone). She told me he was acting very clingy and was pacing around a lot not really wanting to play to much with either her or her dog. I later found out that sometime during those two weeks that a really loud bang shook the house (thinking a small earthquake but couldn't find anything). Anyway so
  8. Thank you for the insight he normally has a very good off switch in the house. If we are not doing something he is usually laying around or sleeping. We have baby gates since the two dogs can get a bit rowdy so even though my sister will let him out while I am at work, it isn't always go go go all day long. Our agility class is foundations so the majority of it is contacts and keeping him focused on me while waiting our turn. Herding is one day a week for 30 minutes. Herding seems the most tiring to him, our instructor has mentioned it is very mentally taxing on them when they are young.
  9. He certainly has me worried. Hopefully everything can be sorted out before deployment or it could be a rough one. Thank you for the book recommendation I will look into getting a copy. He is not interested in treats or playing fetch inside with me when they are outside. He also is not interested food when a car passes the house or something loud goes off. I am hoping with me being back and getting back to herding, agility class and some good beach runs will help him settle a bit. I am hoping it is just a boredom thing but we will see. We spent a few hours at the beach today Playing fet
  10. Hey y'all, I am not sure I will be able to describe exactly what is going on but I will try my best and hopefully go from there. First off I left Yankee in the care of my sister for two weeks while I was away. Before I left be was being a bit stubborn with most things, testing boundaries and being just a jerk. Although he adores my sister and her dog (they live with us), it is quite obvious that he can and will manipulate her without her realizing it. So I gave a very basic routine of basic obedience with a bit of the fun stuff for them to do several times a day as well as walks and playing w
  11. We do lessons right now, but we are still in a round pen at the moment We also do agility classes. I have recalled him from pretty far away though so I am not really worried (nor was our vet) with his hearing. Either way he is getting BAER and CERF tested for his first birthday. Thank you
  12. Just my personal experience with my own dog, he is white faced with a blue eye and a half blue and half green eye. I brought up the same concerns to the vet. He also has an ear that is half white as well so hearing was also a concern for me. He hears just fine (besides the occasional selective hearing ). He also has ticking, the eye with the pink rim is ticked but still otherwise white. Just thought I'd let you know we had the same concerns with Yankee
  13. That he doesn't have 'healthy potty habits' he would rather hold it for hours then to just go wherever we are. I associate leg lifting with marking, I suppose having that behavior would make it a bit easier to get him to potty while we are out of town. So I guess it is not necessarily that I want him to mark- or lift his leg- just want him to go other places besides his own yard.
  14. He always sniffs around on walks and takes an interest, but when he does actually pee he doesn't actually sniff around he just does the stretch described by a few. Maybe he will never take enough interest. He watches the dog we walk with every night lift his leg so maybe there is hope. The only problem we really have is he never wants to potty anywhere but in his backyard and will hold out for what seems like forever. Thank you everyone for all the information!
  15. Sorry if this seems like a rather dim question, but when do males generally start lifting their leg to pee? Yankee is almost 10 months old and really seems to have none of the ridiculous male behaviors you hear about. He will occasionally hump one of his stuffed toys but he has never tried to hump a person and rarely another dog. As you may have guessed he still squats to pee as well, and in general is very picky about where he goes potty. He will try a d hold out for his own yard, but I do get the occasional potty on a walk (along with lots of praise and treats after the deed). Yankee se
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