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Bio Spot/etofenprox

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Costco has a flea and tick med now, $20 + tax for a 6 month supply for an 80 lb or larger dog. The active ingredient is etonfenprox, which is in Bio Spot. The reviews I found were evenly split about 50/50, it's the greatest thing ever or it's useless.


Anyone ever used it?


Ruth and Agent Gibbs, who is due for flea stuff today!

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I got free samples of Biospot once. Luckily I spoke with my vet before using it (I am a Vet Tech). The active ingredient can cause a lot of nervous system issues and has a high rate of causing seizures. He told me to throw it away asap. With flea medicine you do get what you pay for. I would recommend checking with your veterinarian before purchasing any product. Veterinary clinics currently sell Frontline plus (one of the safest on the market as it doesn't go systemic), Vectra (can cause seizures in quite a few dogs), Trifexis (oral, does fleas and heartworms), Revolution, and Activyl. I would avoid Certifect as well, it can cause severe neurological issues and collapse in some dogs. Luckily, it is easily treated unlike many other reactions.

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