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changing a command name?

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my bc takes his time on the dogwalk in the agility ring which I assumed was due to his being cautious of heights. However, I noticed he is not cautious on other high things (fence etc). Then it dawned on me that I say "walk" to direct him to the dogwalk and "walkies" meaning "walk steady without pulling on a loose leash". I'm thinking of speeding him up on the dog-walk but should I change th command at this stage to something else? (I'm assuming the dog responds to the early sylables of a word rather than the whole work).





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You can change certainly change the words you use for commands - it should actually be easier than the first time you taught it. I've always wondered about "walk" as a command! I ended up (without thinking enough about it!) saying "Walkit!" which certainly starts out sounding the same, but the emphasis actually ends up being on the "it" part of the word.


Heck, I always thought it would be fun to teach a dog absurd words for all obstacles! The dogwalk could be "cat"; the teeter would be "fly"; jumps could be "pink" or whatever! 'Course, my brain would have to work overtime to remember which was what.


I know one man that uses "chute" for the A-frame - because his dogs also work cattle, and it looks like the cattle chute! Usually confuses the judges the first few times they hear it! Another uses "mesa" for table - since other words he uses start with "t". So, use your imagination for a new command! The dogwalk is actually one that I don't hear many different commands for. Maybe "soar?"???


Good luck with this one.



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