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Which Breed Sheep?

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Ok... so I am someone who knows nothing about sheep. I am "thinking" of getting a couple 2-3 for working Phoenix. How do I even start? my biggy questions:


what breed (prefer smaller, healthier overall)?

how much $ should I pay per sheep?

average cost of keeping sheep? (food, vets, ) just a ball park figure, so I have some idea

type housing they need?

how much property do I need?


and lastly....if purchasing does not work out, any tips on negotiating with local farmers on maybe "renting" sheep to work my dog?


Thanks JoeAnne and Phoenix


PS...this may be a really dumb question ,...but I'm gonna ask any way.. LOL!

what about ducks? REALLY? can BC's practice working with ducks??????

(ok you can stop laughing now! Ha Ha :)

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It says you are in Maryland--location affects the advisability of some breeds of sheep.

I like Scottish Blackface, Shetlands, North Country Cheviots, or Border Cheviots. Do not get a mix. Get one type. These are breeds that stay relatively free, even after being dogged to death.

Buy ten. Three is not enough with which to train a dog. Ten is pushing your luck. I haven't bought ewes in a while but my last price check was about $300 a ewe.

These are fleece breeds. They should not have to have housing but they will think otherwise during freezing rain bouts. So if you have it, good.

They should be able to thrive on grass and hay. I don't know what hay costs in your neck of the woods. That is variable regionally.

You will have to get them shorn, and worm them on the expense side........$10.00 each a year??

Having lots of acreage gives you more training options.

Forget the ducks. Sheepdogs need practice handling sheep, as do sheep dog handlers.

I hope that helps

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