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My male BC is now 4 months old - I took him in as a rescue at 8 weeks. Very smart boy - he knows sit, down, take-it, give, come, watch, retrieve - or did up until two days ago. Now all of a sudden he is so preoccupied with chasing shadows, birds in the air, things on the TV screen, bugs, spots on the floor so intently that he doesn't even look up when you call his name. When you do get his attention and give him a command, he just looks at you for a second and then goes back to whatever he's focused on at the time. Is that a "normal" BC behavior for this age? Please tell me this will pass and if there is anything I can do to get him re-focused. Thanks - Cyndi

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I think it's typical puppy behavior, regardless of the breed. Most pups go through a "Terrible Twos" stage, just like children. For some it can last until they are over a year or 2, depending on how long it takes the breed to mature (faster for little dogs, slower for bigger dogs). Mine are 4 and still get that way - dashing out the door after a cat and across the street, forgetting the "come" command, no matter how loudly it's yelled. Anticipate their inattention and watch out for things that you know will distract them before they focus on it, grab their attention then and they might not misdirect it. Pups are great!


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Well, he's going to the vet Monday for neutering. Maybe that'll slow him down some for a short period of time! I know, I'll probably hear it because I'm having him neutered at 4 months instead of waiting - but being in rescue my motto is better too early than too late!

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Aww, Cyndi, don't be so pessimistic!


What you're hearing from me is: HURRAY for you, for ensuring that neutering op is done in plenty of time! I doubt that it will change the "focus" issue, but certainly won't hurt, and will surely "do good" in other areas.


As far as re-focusing....what everyone in agility says is: YOU have to be more fun that whatever else is distracting the dog! If you just want him to look at you, and get a smile from you - heck, I'd look at a butterfly too! Not that you always have to have handsful of treats, or squeaky toys, but at this age, you really need to be a source of FUN. Some will tell you that you need to establish yourself as the MOST IMPORTANT BEING, and while that's true to some extent....puppies are puppies. I think this too shall pass.


Have fun with him!



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