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Hiding treats

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I start by just dropping a small number of them on the floor and teaching a word that means there is food on the floor for you. Then I make sure to put one slightly under something and a couple more close by and tell him to find his treats. I just say "cookies." If he doesn't find the hidden one I tell him cookies again and point it out. Next, I put two treats further under the object and one just barely under and tell him cookie.


To teach him to search for a toy, I let him watch me put his toy in a box and then tell him to find it. Then I put two boxes on the floor and let him watch me put his toy in the box and tell him to find it. Then I put him away and hide his toy in one of the boxes and bring him back and tell him to find it. Then I start adding more boxes. Then I start hiding the toy in other places.

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