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I haven't really looked all that hard on the net but everything I've seen regarding agility gear is for sale. I did see quite a few books which offer plans and instructions at Barnes and Noble. Any book seller should be able to help you.

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Start with the two main agility organizations' web sites: www.usdaa.com www.nadac.com


Both orgs have their equipment specifications in the rulebooks, and that will give you an idea about dimensions, materials, etc.


Another good one is www.dogpatch.com, then go to the agility links.


I just got an idea from looking on e-bay for some jumps! I would never pay the prices they're asking, but it was just PVC, and easily made.


Do some looking. If you get desperate, I could snail-mail you some plans for a few items.


Have fun!



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I feel a little like a broken record but I do have quite a few agility links, including the ones Diane lists on my website:



There is also a link telling how to construct agility obstacles in the "Activities - Equipment" section (although I must confess I cannot tell you if this is good because I don't do agility with my dogs).





Black Dog Farm


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