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Barking puppy problem...

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So in our family, we have a 10 month old pure bred black and white border collie male. We also adopted a puppy 4 months younger than him, a brown and white mixed border collie female.


The problem we've been having is that the younger puppy loves (and I mean LOVES) to chase the older puppy around and ONLY bark at him. We're talking exclusive, really irritating, constant barking at him. We take them to a dog park, and when in the big enclosure together, the little puppy (5 months old now) will exclusively chase the older puppy (around 10 months old now) and just bark at him. He will go sniff other dogs and chase other dogs, but she only chases him.

Is this a normal puppy-older puppy/dog relationship she will out grow or not? We started crating them separately now and try to do separate play time at home and walk time with them, so she doesn't feel this need to only play with the older dog (and bark and annoy him so much he has to "own" her to get her to leave him alone).


We have never had 2 dogs before, always had just one, so we're not sure about this behavior.

Any help is apprecaited, and I can provide more details if needed. Thanks!

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It used to be a huge problem; she would bark super loud and irritatingly at our other dog. Not really sure, to be honest, exactly what "cured" this problem. I am thinking it's because we spent a one hour session in the backyard of our dog trainer, where he called the older dog to him, and if the dog didn't come, he'd throw a leash at him. He wasn't trying to hit the dog, but rather was working on getting him to focus on the trainer and not his family (us, behind the fence watching him). I think the leash-throwing and getting the dogs to focus on us rather than each other is what helped with this problem. The next time we went to the dog park, she only barked at him a few times; I'd say her name and then a firm 'NO" and she'd stop. She's a smart dog, and I think she figured this one out fast.

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