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I found "Nop's Trials" and "Nop's Hope" quite a few years ago by accident. I had been looking for books on training sheepdogs on amazon.com., and these both came up. I ordered both of them, and they just blew me away. They are two of my most favorite books, although they can be difficult to read, if you have a hard time getting through the sad parts in stories.


I just got "Mr. & Mrs. Dog," and can't wait to read it!

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You can get your copy of Mr. and Mrs. Dog...and help support the Bluegrass Classic SDT! Donald's book will be on sale at the White House (Wednesday-Friday) and the auction area (Saturday-Sunday) during the Bluegrass. A very generous portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Bluegrass Classic SDT.


Donald will be on hand at the trial and will be happy to inscribe your copy. A copy of this book would also make a great gift and this is a chance to also get that gift copy inscribed by the author.


If you have read any of Donald's other books, you will know that he is witty, insightful, and always a good read.

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