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Obedience and Agility in my area? Ft. Scott Ks area

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I live near Ft. Scott Ks. and am wondering if anyone knows of any training or classes close to here. First I would like to introduce OREO in Obedience, then herding. And then I have a 10 week old female that I'd like to get into Obedience and then agility training and NOT to confuse her or anything but would also like to see if she could herd. I know herding at least should wait for maybe a yr. How old for agility? I know now is the time for Obedience.

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I don't know much about KS, but there are several web sites you could check regarding agility: www.usdaa.com www.nadac.com There are local clubs listed, and you could contact them to find out about classes, etc. Its also VERY good to attend some trials before you enter - volunteer to help out (without your pup) and you'll learn volumes just by watching.


I know there is a pretty active group involved in agility somewhere in the state, but my geography in corn and sunflower fields is pretty fuzzy.


I've never "done" obedience, just trained for what I wanted, so can't really help there. Its never to early to train, but you definitely don't want to be doing much agility with a pup this young. Some folks say they shouldn't just any jumps, no matter how low, until at least a year old. The growth plates should be closed before they jump full height (check with your vet). But there are lots of fun things you can teach at the younger ages, everything from "look at me" (see the other post!), to "right" and "left" to "here" and "get out" and lots lots more.


There are folks here who will also say that you cannot properly "do" herding, if you're doing obedience and agility. At least not "real" herding, where the dog must think for itself. I have no experience in this, so I'll leave it to them to explain. (If you're only "hobby herding," it might not be as critical....)


Best of luck.




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Thank You for your replys!!!! And I know this is too young of an age for the herding and agility but I don't know what age to start them on these. Right now me and my two babies are just working on learning to know each other and playing, this to I don't know if it tends to ruin herding or agility. If it does I'll NEVER have a champion herder or agilty BC out of these two dogs. HOWEVER that is NOT what I have them for. (champions I Mean) But would one day like to be able to let them do what they like even if that means being content in just playing with me.

again Thank You!!!!!!!

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I have found an Obedience class for OREO I called my vet. and asked her. AND she recommended her then I talked to the lady who will be giving the classes and it is set up, for her to call me when she gets the schedule worked out, she wants to wait for warmer weather, so people can make it to the class without ice or snow and also we will work with the digs outside so nice weather would be nice, after OREO gets that I will try harder to get the other training for him. THANKS EVERY ONE!!

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