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Novice/Pro Novice Weekend in Michigan, March 9-10, 2013

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Borders on the Grand Farm in Onondaga, MI is pleased to announce two events dedicated to the Novice/Pro Novice Handler.


Ever wish you had an Open handler at your side? On Saturday, March 9th, 2013, Wendy Villarreal will conduct a handling clinic titled: Trial Strategies for the Novice/Pro Novice Handler. This one day course begins as a lecture/discussion in the morning and moves into the field as a trial course dry-run. All aspects of the trial course will be discussed, with an opportunity to practice a course on the same day with Wendy at the post with you.


Ever wish you had a second chance at a run? On Sunday, March 10th, 2013, Borders on the Grand Farm will host two judged Novice/Pro Novice trials, run back to back. This will give Novice/Pro Novice handlers opportunities to learn from mistakes made on the first run. It will also give Novice handlers a chance to try out the Pro Novice course, as non-compete runs are accepted if time is available.


Get a jump start on your trial season and join us this March!


Entry forms attached.

Novice ProNovice Handling Clinic 2013.doc

BoGrand Novice Trial Entry 2013.doc

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Is this handling clinic geared towards those of us who have never competed before? I am thinking of bringing my young boy, Pete, up there, just to see how we do, but I don't want to make complete fools of ourselves!!





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Hi Rachael,


The handling clinic is geared for those who are currently competing or ready to compete this spring. It is not a training clinic and it is expected that the dogs entered will have a semblance of control by the handlers. Paired with the two trials the next day, it will give novice/pro novice handlers much trial experience and feedback on where they need to target their training/handling.


Since I don't know where you are with your training on your dog, it is hard for me to assess the appropriateness of this clinic and trial. If you are just starting out, then I would suggest targeting your dollars to a training clinic nearby, of which there have been several announcements recently within driving distance of SE Ohio. If you would like to observe a novice/pronovice trial, then you are welcome to attend the Sunday trials at no charge. Due to space constraints, I am not accepting clinic auditors at this time.


You are welcome to contact me privately if you have any more questions or require further training contacts in your area.

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