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Agility National Championships - Denver

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We are packing and loading the motorhome tonight so that we can hit the road early in the morning for the long drive to Denver, Colorado for the AKC National Agility Championships.


It's about 2000 miles I believe from here to Denver and about 35-40 hours of driving time in the motorhome. With the new puppy who seems to pee every 10 minutes, it should be a fun trip. (typed with tongue in cheek)


For anyone else making the trip, drive safely and best of luck at the Nationals when you get there!



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Animal Planet does seem to replay things, so one might never know when something comes on (it might not be recent, but they're counting on folks like you that haven't seen it before!). Since I don't have a TV, I really wouldn't know schedules!


And I don't really know the details....but I think you're going to see less and less of "real" agility on TV. Animal Planet has given up on at least USDAA and maybe AKC also - they're looking for more audience-appeal than what the somewhat boring sport involves. (Gadzooks!) I recently saw a short program that was titled something like the Purina Dog Championships....they included agility, frisbee, and a funny jumping-into-the-water event. I suspect that's the type of thing you're going to see more of. Too bad. At least most organizations are continuing to produce videos (for no small price, but at least they're available) of their national events.


I'll be in Denver this weekend, helping build courses. May try to find Gayle (amongst the hundreds?!).



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I'll be stewarding on Sunday morning-I'll be the chute straightener, just my way of getting in there before my dog is ready for competition. I live in the Littleton area and I have to get up extremely early and start driving. The woman who trains agility at the place I go to train will be running her Keeshond, Jasper, its her first time at the nationals so I'll be cheering her on! Good luck to all who compete!

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Sorry, JL, I didn't get back to the board in time to post location. It was at the Western Stock Show event center....hope you found it.


And I was wrong! Animal Planet WAS there! I was course building, and so had to help get things ready Sat. night for them to bury cables, etc. I haven't heard when it will air, but it seems that last time, with the event in early November, it was early December when it was shown. As they say, check your local listings! If they show it, there will be a couple of interesting shots...mostly Shelties, as I recall....of dogs coming down the A-frame, and going off to the side to sniff the stupid camera "spike" which stuck up about 8" off the ground near the down side bottom. Argh. Heartburn for handlers, of course; though probably most of them weren't going to win anyway. sigh. I'll let Gayle blow her own horn - frankly, I watched the big dogs more than smaller ones, but I believe John was in the top 52 finalists. Yowza! And her youngster Border Collie is a cutie (though not competing there).


It was great - the very best dogs and the very best handlers. Of course, being AKC (it's OK, I'm wearing my flame suit....) made it pretty "interesting" from my point of view. Border Collies continue to dominate the bigger dog classes. But absolutely NONE of them looked like the typical show-style Border Collie (actually, they couldn't be that and still be competitive at agility...heavy and big-boned just doesn't go with FAST!).


I had to laugh - I'm setting up an agility field across the road from my house, and was considering getting one of those silly yellow diamond-shaped signs that say, "Border Collie Crossing." They had some, but the silhouette of the dog was this HUGE FLUFFY thing! Looked more like a Bernese Mountain Dog. Needless to say, that saved me some money.


Rumor has it (not sure if it's set in stone yet) that next year's event is in Texas (Houston, I think) and the following year will be in California (perhaps Del Mar, where the USDAA nationals have been the past two years). So - you folks in those parts of the country, stay tuned! (We, Lucy and I, will not be there...ha!)


Inci, do you have a dog, or know of one, you're looking to place in an agility home? I don't have many east coast connections, but could also provide some non-AKC names, if you need 'em.


KelsoStar, didn't know to look for you, but Beth did very well in that last round. Not sure what her final standing was, but she has done an incredible job with Jasper, hasn't she?


Off to more practice, practice, practice...



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Hi Diane,


Breeder doesn't mind agility or AKC,as long as it is a good home.

She's an imported pup from Scotland,4 1/2 months old,great breeding,health screened (CEA free,both parents hip scored),wonderful disposition.

Darn pup wants to do sheep,but when faced by a ewe,she turns her head ever so slightly.

She may grow out of it,but I don't want to wait a full year to find out whether she will or not.

I'd appreciate if you can give me few leads and what does one look in a prospective homes in an agility/obedience/flyball stuff.


Thanks a bunch.





Inci Willard




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I personally find the silly water jumping thing much more interesting than flyball and agility. But I like the swimming contests even more.


What I'd most like to see on Animal Planet some day is a real herding trial. Pushing ducks around a small fenced in area with bridges and other silly things is ridiculous. I could probably teach my cat to do that!



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