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Shipping, flying a pup US to Canada

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Hey guy,


After much back and forth forever about a new pup its finally the right time so I've actively started looking for a breeder now. I'm from Canada but I looking in the US as well but Im wondering about the logistics of shipping a young pup. Would I have to fly there and get him because its across the border, or does cargo work. Or do I need someone to attach him to someone who is flying to bring him on plane. Is it outrageously expensive? From Canada-Canada, or US-Canada, I've never had a pup from away, no idea how shipping works at all.


This will be an agility prospect, I don't want to start another breeder question but if anyone knows any working breeders that dabble in agility as well (but are breeding working dogs) and know what agility folk are looking for in terms of socialization and puppy picking (I like to trust the breeder on the choice, they know the pups best) that have some summer litter plans (given a choice the ideal time would be May-August born litters) in the US or Canada please pm me :)

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I paid about $350 flight PLUS HST on the puppy, the vet bills and the shipping when I crossed the border for a puppy flown from Seattle to Buffalo 4 years ago. I brought it across at Niagara Falls. I know some that fly to either Toronto or Montreal but much cheaper to fly to the US and pick up.


Accompanied kennels with a passenger on West jet are much cheaper, around $50 I think for inside Canada flights.


Good luck in your search



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If possible, I'd try to fly with the pup (or have someone fly with) and bring it on the plane. I sent a pup to Alaska that way--the new owner had clients who happened to be in the lower 48 for personal reasons, and I met them in Atlanta and they flew the pup in the cabin back with them to AK. I know people fly pups in cargo, but personally I'd try to fly with or get someone to fly with.



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