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Great adoption story....

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My most recent foster was a 7 year old female who came into rescue because her owner had struggled to give her what she needed for over 3 years. Her husband got Abby as a puppy, this was not his first border collie, but soon after he got her he became sick with a debilating illness and was very sick for the next three years. His widow was not a dog person and had never been involved with the dogs, struggled on to keep her husbands dog and give her a good life but finally gave up the effort. During this time a friend of her husband had offered to take Abby, but she did not take her up on the offer thinking she was just being polite.


A few weeks after Abby came into rescue, the friend called Abby's owner just to check in and learned that Abby was in rescue and she wanted to know how they could get her back.... Well on Friday she flew from St Louis to Boston picked up a rental car drove down to Newport, RI formally adopted Abby from the rescue and drove back to a small farm outside St Louis.... It was a huge and expensive effort to be able to give her old friends dog a home.


Abby now lives on 12 acres with horses, a standard poodle and 4 cats.

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