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Age to start agility training?


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I have a 4 month old male pup, and am wondering when and how to go about starting agility training. I know not to jump him until he is at least a year old, but wouldn't it be a good idea to work on other things with him now? He has only basic obecience knowledge so far. Thanks for any advice on this.

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I guess by weave poles I'm just thinking of getting the dog familiar with them and beginning weaving (same with the tunnels). The speed comes later and that's probably the joint issues you're thinking of. I know that my dog was afraid of the noise the poles made so I wish I'd started her on them earlier. We wasted several weeks getting her over her weave pole fear!




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Yes, you definitely can start training. There are MANY things to do...way to numerous to list here. Some people teach weave poles by creating a "chute" or wide line of them, gradually moving them closer and closer together. You'd get no twisting motions at this young age that would be a problem for quite awhile. You can begin teaching contact zones - maybe on a wider board, certainly low to the ground, etc.


Check out a couple of web sites that have great information: www.dogpatch.com and www.agilityability.com. Also, www.usdaa.com and www.nadac.com have good information as well.


Have at it - but watch out for the addiction soon to follow!



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