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Hello everyone,

This is my first post, it is on behalf of my foster dog Geoffry. Geoffry is a nine year old Border Collie with limited vision. He was part of a hoarder siezure in Morgan County West Virginia in late May. Needless to say,with his limited vision, he was very very freightened in the hole they call animal control here in Morgan County. I offered to hold him at my house while several groups were working on finding him rescue. It's a long story, but he was taken by a rescue and put in a kennel and I finally got him to my house the first week in July. We have fostered him since and while he has made tremendous progress, we have really taken him as far as our abilities and time allow. He has overcome the extreme nervousness he came here with, and has pretty much overcome being terrified of storms. He used to need his thunder shirt even when it simply rained.


He is a very calm dog now, although I am sure he would love to herd animals and chase frizbees if his vision would allow it. I can get him to chase his bright red ball in about a 10 foot radius and he really enjoys that, but I don't know how to keep his attention and train him to give the ball back to me.


We used a crate for him the first few weeks, he initially slightly resisted going into it, but then went in willingly and was quiet and calm while in it. He would even stay calm when you went to get him out and wait until he was invited out. Now he sleeps in one of the many dog beds around here and has not had any problems.

We do put a belly band on him at night. but it has been dry every morning except for mayby three times in three months. He will be laying right at the back door on those occasions, so he has wanted to go out, just hasn't learned how to let us know. Looking back on those times, his nightly routine was thrown off for various reasons.


The rescue and I are looking for a more suitable foster, or of course someone willing to adopt him or be a permanent foster if his potential medical expenses are a problem. I will gladly offer more info, but this post is long enough. Thanks for reading if you got this far. Tom

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Tom - Welcome! And thank you for helping this dear boy.


I'm not sure but I wonder if I've met you on a couple of transports before, usually in Hancock, with Hope Stewart? If so, long time, no see!


Is he in a Border Collie rescue? If so, which one? If not, have you contacted Mid-Atlantic, Blue Ridge, or Bimmer's to see if one of them might have a foster or a potential home for him?


Have you possibly posted him on Facebook? There are some people who might miss seeing him here that might be on FB (Mid-Atlantic, some individuals in that general area).


Keep us posted - we do have transport folks listed by region here on the boards if you need help with that.


Very best wishes!

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Yes it has been awhile Sue. My transports now are usually Morgantown to Hagerstown, long runs with lots of dogs.

Geoffry's rescue is not a Border Collie Rescue. I got their permission to post him here and I will see if they have already contacted the rescues you mentioned. I am also looking for Senior Dog forums if anyone knows of any.

My wife has been great about this foster, but her health is not going to allow us to permanently foster him.

I just don't want it to come to a situation where he has to leave here on short notice because going back to a kennel would quickly undo all the progress he has made. It is absolutely the worst thing that could happen to him.


Mayby I'll see you on a transport someday. We are always looking for a Morgantown to Rocky Gap leg.

Thanks for your reply. Geoffry's Pic is attached. (I learned something new, yeah)


post-13892-070597800 1348064300_thumb.jpg

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What a handsome boy! He is about the age of my Celt, who turns 10 in November. They get older way too soon!


I don't have the van I used to have when I was hauling multiple dogs, usually from Morgantown to Hagerstown, bound for the Northeast rescues. They were all breeds, mixed breeds, just dogs needing a loving home. Now I just have a Subaru and so am very limited as to crate room.


Since I don't travel with Hope down that way any more, I have not been involved with any of her transports for several years now.


Morgantown to Rocky Gap is about a 130 mile round-trip for me but I have done it before. Now that I work year-round, it makes it harder to get away and to spend half-a-Saturday but you can contact me in a pinch and we can see if I can help.


Looking forward to hearing back about this boy.

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I replied to your email, Tom, but here it is again -


It all depends on the timing - I am going to the other side of Hagerstown in the morning with my Subaru, and could manage two dogs but only if I could leave Morgantown (storage buildings by Burger King at Cheat Lake exit?) by 8 am. Is that doable?


I would be going to the Middletown exit (#42) on Rt 70, where there is a McDonald's that is a good transfer point, if that worked for you. I would be there just about exactly 2 1/2 hours after leaving Morgantown. If you need to meet me closer to here, let me know and we could decide on a place.


If you need to text or call me, 304dash692dash9661. I won't have the phone with me all the time today but you can leave a message and I will get back with you.

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I'm bumping this up as Geoffry still needs a rescue/foster home. If anyone is interested, or can provide a contact for someone who might be, please let me know here, by PM, or by email.

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Tom and I are trying to get him into a Border Collie rescue. Health issues will prevent Tom from keeping him much longer, and he would not do well going back into the rescue where he would have to be kenneled.


He has special needs because he has retinal degeneration. It is possible that if a home or foster situation can be found for him, that the rescue might retain ownership and help with possible medical bills in the future with regards to his eye condition.


Tom has done a lot to bring this poor boy out of shell and into leading a normal, happy life, and I would hate to see him regress because he can't receive the care he needs.


Please get the information out about this boy - I have contacted three rescues in the northern VA/eastern MD region, but have not heard back yet.


Kudos to Tom for all he has done so far for Geoffry, and his concern and efforts to find him a home!

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Have you posted him on Facebook Sue? If you (or Tom) can, then he can be shared far and wide, but it will take someone to post him and then someone else who is mutual friends to share him so that we can continue to share along....


Any chance of some of the local rescues also courtesy listing him, even if they can't take him in right now?


I agree that the poor old fellow needs to go to a home and not back to a kennel situation.


ETA: Never mind--just went to FB and saw that you posted him. Will start sharing!



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Thank you very much guys. Geoffry is a really sweet obediant dog who just loves to be at your side. Yes, he is a velcro dog, My wife's condition includes bouts of extreme fatigue, making it hard to simply get her housework done. When Geoffry is in the house, he is literally right at her feet if I'm not there, and she can't get anything done. We love him very much and there will be more than a few tears when he leaves, but we feel that he needs a more qualified owner and a home with more to offer than we can.

Thanks again.



Dixie will miss him more than us, they have become real buds. He is good with other dogs. When his Border Collie buddy Ty comes over, Geoffry loves to follow after him when Ty is chasing the frizbee.

Poor quality picture but I hope it gets the point across

post-13892-000519300 1349267512_thumb.jpg

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I was thrilled to get an email from Tom - to say that Blue Ridge BCR had contacted him to say that one of their fosters, who will be available to take on another dog in three weeks, was touched by Geoffry and wants to foster him for Blue Ridge!


So, if all goes as planned, Geoffry will be heading into foster with Blue Ridge and then on to a loving and permanent home when he is ready.


Kudos to Tom, who wanted to spring this boy from the shelter, and who has kept him from being kenneled (where he would not thrive), worked with him and his minor issues, and gotten him ready for the next step - and put the word out about him.


I think Tom's going to shed a few tears when he hands him over, but they will be mingled with positive thoughts for Geoffry's future.


Hats off to you, Tom, and very best wishes to you, your wife, and Geoffry!

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Don't look now, but I had a nibble from another rescue - I'm sure Tom will be overjoyed and have to check things out because this other rescue has a potential adoptive couple looking for a quiet companion dog.


Good things *do* happen to good dogs!

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Hi all,

Just an update on our Geoffry boy. He is still with us and of course still welcome until a great home can be found. His hair has grown back beautifully and he is once again the hansome boy he should be.

He and Dixie have become real buds and wrestle like two little pups.


He went back to the eye doctor last tuesday, his eyes have not deteriorated since his last visit in July, and he now has a medicine to slow down the retinal degeneration. He is taking his capsules very well, just wrapped in a small bit of bread.


We still believe there is a better place for him than we can provide, but it is going to really be difficult to see him go now.


Bye for now,


post-13892-047808300 1354547950_thumb.jpg

post-13892-021181900 1354547958_thumb.jpg

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I am so glad to hear that he is still in a safe place (with you) and that you have a potential new home lined up for him.


Sweet old boy! He's very fortunate that his future is in your caring hands.

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