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Adopted a new dog


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I found my new dog!


I was pretty certain that I did not want a puppy and positive that I wanted another Border Collie. What I went home with was not only a puppy, but not really a Border Collie! Stormy is a blue merle Aussie cross (maybe with Border Collie, maybe not. When she is a little older and her features become more defined, it may be more obvious) with one greenish-brown eye and one bi-color eye that is blue and greenish-brown. She's 8 weeks old. I've never raised a dog from puppy-hood before and I am alternately thrilled and terrified, but consistently in love. Thrilled because I have another canine companion who is adorable and loving as only a pup can be. Terrified because what if I mess up and she's scarred for life? With Whisper (the sweet girl I had to say goodbye to a month or so ago) all I had to do is tell her not to do something and she didn't do it. Stormy is too little for that yet, so I have the frequent trips outside for potty breaks--and I don't get them all. Lot and lots of praise the times she does make it, and no feedback for when she doesn't make it. And the re-focus of the chewing behavior. "don't chew the chair leg, " i tell her, "chew this" and hand her an appropriate chew toy. And I take her on as many walks as I think she can manage. I've got grass that is taller than she is so I am watching that she gets tired, but not to the point of exhaustion.


Anyone who wants to share puppy-training tips or even specific Aussie training trips (or horror stories and especially great stories of how awesome the breed is) would be greatly apprecaited.


I will post pics of Stormy later this week.



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Awwww :) my first pup growing up was named Stormy. He was (we think) a BC/golden mix. He was hands down the best dog ever. It's funny, we can plan and plan and then life gets in the way and totally messes with our plan! We had an Aussie/lab mix that was so sweet but with a penchant for eating metal storm doors...also dumb as a post but I suspect that was the lab coming through.



As far as advice, puppies are a huge topic to cover! Remember though that it is very hard under normal circumstances to scar them for life, so relax a little! It sounds like you are on the right track with her, just enjoy her puppy-ness (that's a real word, right? ;)) and post pictures pronto!

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Congratulations. She sounds gorgeous!


I am also finding out the 'joys' of puppy-raising (at least for a couple of weeks) after being used to a well-trained dog (my BC is 5 years old). I have a foster BC mix that may be 4-5 months old. So I am joining you with the frequent outdoor trips (and a few misses here and there. :blink: )


Looking forward to photos of your little one.



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Well, I'm no expert on Aussies, but I can tell you that the Aussie I have simply required a lot of repetition and consistency. Ash is SMART as can possibly be, and actually very easy to have around the house. But ... when she was little, (she's 2-1/2 now) if she wanted a thing and I wanted otherwise, she could be one stubborn little booger. ;) (Lots of that re-focus stuff.) Our biggest bugaboo was when she hit about 6 months, and suddenly decided she didn't have to come when called. But I just kept walking her down and walking her down and walking her down ... and eventually she gave in and she now has the best recall in our pack.


She's worth every minute, though, and we absolutely adore every hair on her little blue-merle body. :)


Congratulations on your new little one! Please share photos!


~ Gloria

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