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SAR dog wanted

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Got this on a list I am on:




SAR Dog needed

Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:55 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Myra & Trent" westphaltm

Good Evening all,


My good friend AJ Marhofke just contacted us in hope that the BC networking

community can help him find his next Search and Recovery Dog. Here is a

short description of the dog he is looking for:


Drive: High drive with an off switch or Medium/High drive, dog must want to

work and stay focus on work.


Age: 2-4 preferably but will go up to 6years old


Sex: Male or Female


Coat: Rough or semi-rough. Dog will be doing search work outside in all

seasons so dog needs somewhat of a coat.


Personality: Dog must be BOMB Proof, good with people/children of all

ages/sex, Good with other dogs, Okay with load noises, NO FEARS because

this dog will be working disaster areas with load sounds


Training: Dog must have Basic obedience and GREAT off lead, Dog can NOT Be a

runner or Car chaser. This dogs needs to be working and mind hander and

focus on handler and work at hand.


This dog will be trained for Search and Recovery. AJ focuses on Recover

which means the scent work focuses heavy on forensic work or human remain

detection. AJ has over 36 year of dog handler work and has just retired and

is looking for a new dog to start his retirement with. AJ's work has

including September 11 with Zip on Stanton Island working on human remain

recovery. Oklahoma City bombing with his work with Molly Mae. AJ also

teaches classes on Search and Recovery for Police Departments. Molly Mae

and Zip are both former Border Collie Rescue Dogs and he would like to

continue with another dog from rescue or any other possibilities that might

come his way.


Web Site is: http://www.911bc. org/ He is in the process of getting a new

web site but a lot of great information is on this current site.


If you feel you might have the right dog please contact him directly.


AJ Marhofke: 920-699-5500 (CST) Home, Johnson Creek, WI E-mail:

k9911@yahoo. com


Paws crossed someone has the right dog he is looking for: Permission to

cross post to help a rescue dog find a new home.


Myra & Trent Westphal



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