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USDAA Finals and flyball


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Just returned tonight from the the USDAA nationals in Del Mar. It was just plain awsome!!!! Incrediable dogs, incrediable handlers and a perfect venue, not to mention a very well run trial with over 600 competitors with everything running smoothly. There were well over 200 dogs in my 22" Grand Prix class, which after two elimenations runs was dwindled down to the top 16 dogs! The courses were really interesting, and proved very challenging. There were competitors from all across the US, Mexico and Canada.

There was also a flyball turny in an adjoining area, and disc throwing.

I was able to see many old friends and make new friends. If you ever have a chance to go and see this event it is well worth the trip!


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Lucky you - I'm envious! Really, the only reason I went to Meeker (sheepdog trial) instead is that it's a 3.5 hour drive, rather than over 20! It too was awesome, and there were amazing dogs - just doing something different (and we won't pursue any judgement of "better," "what they're meant to do," etc. - please?!) As of yesterday, USDAA had not posted any results. Anything you'd like to share?!?!? I'm dying to know, mostly about the larger dogs. As Charlie said about Meeker, you're honor-bound to report. Thanks for the news.



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