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For appx 11.5 months of the year the NW blackberry is the bain of our exsistance. During the spring you can almost watch it grow. Root bulbs that you have hacked, poisoned, burned and hexed will pop back up the following spring like a long lost friend. However, there are those 2 weeks of joy, when the enemy offers delicious, sweet, plump berries that bring joy to your mouth.


Last night we are down at my parents place at their farm unloading hay and I notice that their berries are ready for plucking, we live on a hill and don't get nearly as much sunshine so our 'plants' (errr weeds) are a few weeks behind. I take Timber, the new puppy, out to the creek bank and see what he thinks of his first blackberry. We find a patch that looks pretty tempting and he loves them, his little white nose even ends up with a purple smudge as he tried to figure out how to eat them and sort of squished the first one around in my hand. It only took one for him to realize he could just inhale them. The older boys all love eating berries, and have figured out how to pick their own, come over to join the berry festival.


I was watching the amazing skill of Boots, he would pull his lips back, tenderly grab the berry with his front teeth and give a little tug to the left; leaving a bare stem on the 'plant' inhale the berry and move on to the next one.


Them my eyes moved onto Renoir, appartently the berry connoisseur. So his berry eating technique is a little more refined. The first step is to slowly sniff the berries, moving up and down, side to side, until a potential canidate is found. This berry gets and extra sniff or two; then he too pulls back his lips so not to get poked by a nasty thorn and grabs the berry with his front teeth. This is where the real art of the concept comes into play, if the berry falls off the vine into his mouth, the eats it. However, if it doesn't 'melt in his mouth' he LEAVES the berry hanging on the vine and begins the sniffing phase all over again searching for that perfect berry.


So I have the dog who slobbers on every almost ripe berry from ground level to snout high...this may be worse then a double dipper ;)

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Cute story. Was there a camera handy to capture the purple-nosed puppy?




I tried with the cell phone camera...but you couldn't really see anything but a blury puppy. I'll try to be more prepared next time I go down there and see if I can get a video or some purple puppy lip pictures.

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