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is there a magic food treat???

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This is really an agility question, but I?ve posted it on both boards for a general response.


I took Oddy to agility for the first time this week - armed with cubes of cheese and a tennis ball to motivate him. He was very interested in the ball at first, but after a while lost his interest in that as well, so I was trying to get him to do things - which he was doing - but unable to reward him in any way. If he's not food motivated should I be taking two different toys to keep his interest up??


He's not generally food motivated at all. I didn't give him anything to eat at teatime so he must have been hungry, but the cheese didn't do anything for him as he was too excited. Cheese works well during our morning training session at home, but he won't take food as a reward when we are outside.


Do any of you know of a food which really gets a non-foody BC interested? I've tried small sweets (dolly mixtures) - he hates them. He's not into liver either. He's really a more "savory" dog - hence the cheese, but it would be nice if just once he would be interested in something edible - or at least I could have an edible alternative to the tennis ball, because when he does get the ball for doing something he still runs off with it, so I then have the task of getting him to bring the ball back to me - a double whammy as it were! I then have to reward him for bringing the ball back - which in itself was a reward to doing the agility right!

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We don't try to get our BCs motivated until they are just about ready to go in the ring; while they're waiting their turns, we try to keep them settled down and quiet in their crates. A friend of mine bakes LIVER BROWNIES for her agility dogs. Seems to keep them on their toes, but makes our dogs sick.

Hope this helps.

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