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Will this reporter win a DWAA award?

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Great video! I wouldn't go to NYC on acid, no less to Westminster!


My favorite part was at 4:25.


High guy: "Are you both doggers?"


Breeders: "We're both dog people."


High guy: "Is that a term ... doggers?"


Breeders: "No, dog people."


So there you have it, Sir Donald. It's settled! "Doggers" is, in fact, not a term. You will now have to refer to folks as "Dear Wouldbe Sheep Dog People." The Westminster dog people said so.

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New Yawrk Siddy?!!



As we learned in the '60's: "In Acidus Veritas."

^^ The dangers of empiricism. :lol:


When the reporter was talking about not having had a bad experience (toward the end of the video), I initially thought he was referring to the dog show experience, rather than the acid trip. The former might have been a surprise in itself.

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