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should my pup enter the pre-novice class?

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There is a match coming up on Sunday, there is a pre-novice division, with 8 obstacles (no see-saw or poles), I was wondering if you think I should enter Dakota. He is in the 2nd beginner class now. He can do 4 in a row, never tried 8 before. Just curious what you thought.

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Why not?? Unless the fee is a lot and you'd be wasting your money on it. I'm assuming the obstacles would all be pretty well lined up. If you've got a class session between now and then have the trainer set up a mini-course like that and give it a whirl. It sounds like it's a division for beginner dogs who just want to see where they're at. It would probably be good exposure for your dog since a trial environment can be rather distracting at first. Even if you don't compete go and watch with your dog. You'll learn something and your dog will too.





Sabre and BC Gus

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I agree - go for it! I was totally amazed at my first entry - I'd seen dogs just leave the course, act as if they'd never seen those obstacles before, or just freak out. Dear little Sophie just zipped through the course! So, with no regrets, we got hooked! Admittedly, there were some bumps and downhills later, but it's great practice. Besides, even if you don't get that 14 cents worth of ribbon - it'll be great experience.


Have fun!


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