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Aw, I have one of the soap/perfume containers (I guess) with that little girl and BC on it. Found it at a rubbish sale when I was a kid, and it reminded me of the spaniel/BC cross we had. Keep my rosary beads in it, and carry it in my suitcase to this day. Cookie's been gone for 6 years now, and she didn't have an easy life, but growing up she was my best friend.

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Like all of them, and thank you for posting. Something about old engravings and paintings. The one of shepherd leaning over rock looking into a ravine, portraying border collie securely holding sheep -- it is no doubt an illustration of story of James Hogg losing his band of 700 along with his dog one night. After searching for hours he was on his way home to advise sheeps' owner of the happenings. He stumbled upon the ravine, and found his dog, Sirrah, holding a large bunch. Upon counting, Hogg discovered that not one lamb was missing, although they had the previous night escaped in several directions. Sirrah and Bobby Burns' border collie, Luath, may be two of literature's most well known sheep dogs. Luath is immortalized in poem, "The Twa Dogs".


Link to this Sirrah story: http://www.oldandsold.com/articles03/dogs22.shtml


Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, wrote extensively of Sirrah's adventures. He must have been quite a dog. -- TEC

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