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  1. Nothing too special just general and acceptable dog behavior. Also I am talking about the larger doodle breeds Aidan has met or we have seen in action with other dogs.
  2. I think this post explains a lot of the problems with the ones we have unluckily met over Aidan's first three years and a lot of the problems we have seen with these dogs in action in general. I am not saying there are not any good ones out there. But we have not met or seen them yet.
  3. I have not met yet a doodle, oodle or noodle I have been impressed with.
  4. At first I tried to explain and reason with them about the Border Collies individual differences. Now I just tune them out and as soon I can walk away. They are really not worth the time or the effort. Also our Aidan sounds like your Celt... he has the "longer legs" and a "medium rough coat". He also has been called a "part greyhound" in a nice way at a 'Running of the Hounds' a local Greyhound event to support rescued retired racing Greyhounds. At their annual event they set-up a short sprint course of about 25 yards for the dogs to run in. The fastest on the course was a Greyhound at 27 mph.... Aidan was not that far behind at 22 mph. He was then also accused of being a Greyhound wearing a Border Collie coat.
  5. I meet Border Collie snobs all the time here. The funny thing is they do not now or never have owned a Border Collie. The Border Collie owners that I have met almost all seem to know that Border Collies do come in different sizes, colors and coat length. Someday I am sure I will meet a Border Collie snob with a Border Collie.... so far I have been very lucky.
  6. Very enjoyable and very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Great story and a great dog. Happy Gotcha Day, Daniel. :)/>/>
  8. Aidan


    In this way Buster will live on to inspire and help others. A great way for a dog to be remembered. Sorry for your loss and Godspeed.. Buster.
  9. Pam... when you have time, no rush. Your collection sounds like it will be worth the wait. Kristen... your picture looks amazing just from what I can see.
  10. Pam... do you have any pictures of your old prints. I would love to see them. Randy
  11. Just a bump with the latest info on this thread. I never did hear back from Carole with the Border Collie Museum. So it's history is still a mystery. Hopefully someday we will find out more of the print's history. Randy
  12. In our travels with Aidan to different dog parks in our area, we have seen three Goldendoodles. The first was at a dog park in Santa Barbara. Aidan was in the dog park happily playing with his ball. When a lady came up to the gate with a Goldendoodle and released him into to the park. He promptly ran 25 yards to Aidan and attack him from the rear by biting Aidan on the back. Aidan not to happy turned quickly on the dog and was more than prepared to defend himself. Luckily we were able to quickly separate the dogs and the lady visibly up-set with her dog apologized and left the dog park. Goldendoodle number two was at our regular dog park. His owners had barely taken his leash off and opened the gate. When without even greeting or looking at any other dogs by the gate, it ran a good fifty yards and attacked a very large and powerful Pit-Bull. Luckily for the Goldendoodle and it owners the Pit's owner were close at hand and saved the dog from it's stupidity. Goldendoodle number three we saw at another local dog park. It was released by it's owners and just aimlessly trotted around in a haze not reacting to other dogs that wanted to play or greet it or to people at all. It just acted totally lost. There maybe some good Goldendoodles out there, but we have not met them yet.
  13. My wife, Aidan and I were at the last event of my class reunion weekend which was a picnic this last Sunday at a local park. In the course of meeting and catching up with the news from my different classmates. My old friend from high school Manuel along with his wife, sat down to chat with us at our table. As soon as he sat down he noticed Aidan and started to gently pet Aidan. As we were catching up with the news of the last ten years, Manuel kept looking down at Aidan and finally said "This is a smart one. I bet you that the roof of his mouth is all black." My wife and I said "What" at the same time as we had never heard this comment before. So Manuel tells us that "You can tell a smart Border Collie by looking at the color of the roof of their mouth. If it is all black it is a smart one". Then Manuel said again "I bet you the roof of his mouth is all black". After a little bit of coaxing Aidan opened his mouth enough to see that the roof of it was all black. Manuel in a very satisfied voice said "See". With most people making this comment I would let it go in one ear and out the other. But I know Manuel grew up on a cattle ranch and still works cattle at local ranches and as a hobby team ropes them also. Also judging by all the horse trailers in our area of central California pulled by our modern day cowboys like Manuel, with Border Collies in their truck cab or bed. He is sure to be around them and also able to talk with the cowboys that work Border Collies with cattle over the years. So in the end I find the comment very interesting myself as Aidan is a very fast learner and very intuitive as to our commands and rules, i.e. smart. Has anyone here at the forum heard of this before? Randy
  14. While I agree with the above posters that Mac will look good in almost any color. I have always had a special like for the color red on my BCs over the years.
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