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Separation Anxiety

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Juno has changed so much since we brought her home - she has blossomed into a boisterous, confident, highly social little thing (she was on the shy side when we picked her up from the breeder and pretty nervous the first few days we took her out in public). I've brought her everywhere with me. From the farmers' market (where we have a stand) to the beach, from the park to the splash pad (she loves playing with the kids). She's been exposed to anything and everything, and has learned to be excited when it's time to hop in the van for another adventure.


Our whole family is home full-time. I homeschool our children & do most of the farm chores, and my husband is self-employed, working from home. Between our home-based lifestyle and taking Juno with us every time we go out, our sweet pup hasn't ever had to be alone.


Juno crates very well at night. Because she was shy and nervous when we got her, she spent the first few nights crated in our bedroom... and now, she's still in our room while our other dogs are crated in the laundry room downstairs. I don't mind this, but the past few nights she seems to have developed separation anxiety. If I leave my room in the night for a drink or the bathroom, Juno starts yipping a very high-pitched, very loud yip. Even if my husband is still in the bedroom with her, she barks for me. Sometimes a stern "QUIET" from me or my husband will shush her, but last night she wouldn't stop with the yipping until I was back in the room. She managed to wake up three of our four children - NOT COOL!


Obviously I need to get her used to being alone from time to time. Right now it is easy to take her out in public with us, but in the winter when a lot of our public activities are indoors, that will change. Also, I need to be able to use the loo in the night without my dog waking the entire household!


None of my dogs have ever had separation anxiety, and I'm a little lost about how to deal with this yipping without waking the children. Any input is appreciated!

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Have you considered putting her crate in the laundry room with the other dogs? I had a dog in for training one time who was not happy being crated in the dog room and made so much noise I moved him to the bedroom just so I could get some peace at night. When he came back for more training, I had another dog here also for training and because she was happy and quiet in a crate in the dog room, the first dog also remained quiet. In fact, I worried that when she went home after a month, the first dog would start up with the whining and crying again, but he never did. These were two dogs who did not know each other before they came to my house, but apparently the companionship in the dog room was enough to keep them both happy, and quiet.


You may have to go through some noisy nights until she adjusts to the new routine, but I think I'd start crating her elsewhere at night for sure.



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I'll second that. I've had much the same issue with a puppy that thought that the moment anyone moved in the house, it was time to go out, and raised a ruckus. Moving the puppy's crate between two calm adult dogs in another room solved the problem quick. Good luck.

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