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Growth on roof of mouth


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While watching a friends BC who is 10, his mouth started bleeding. We were just playing ball and when he brought it back his mouth had blood in it. When the ball fell out of his mouth a rice sized white piece of what felt like cartilage fell out (didn't feel hard enough to be a tooth). He immediately hid in a crate and definitely seemed to be in pain/discomfort. When I went to pry his mouth open I thought he had something in his mouth, like a big wad of black dog hair or part of a toy. The roof of his mouth is black and what I thought was an object was actually a mass on the roof of his mouth, clearly visible through his teeth while mouth was closed (about a quarter size in surface area). Behind his top front row of teeth is where the bleeding was coming from-the back of one tooth just didn't look right as if something white was exposed when it should not have been.


This was last Wednesday, they said they took him to the vet but I think they're lying because the vet apparently told him he just bit his tongue?! :blink:

My dog bites his tongue while playing and I know the difference. Anyways, I looked at his mouth today and the white part by his teeth that did not look right last week was now gray. So my assumption, which I had last week, was that the mass was an abscess and he had a broken tooth.


Any other thoughts on what this might be? What will happen now that it is not being treated? Will the mass get bigger?

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I was thinking cancer as well since the growth is pretty large. I am going to keep an eye on it as I doubt they will take him in at this point. <_<


Could his age be any indicator? He is 10 and has several, like 5 or so small masses/lumps under the skin and they were told they were nothing to worry about (cysts maybe).


Is oral type cancer a common thing in dogs or border collies? The lump in his mouth was not smooth but rough looking, it seriously looked like a big wad of we dog fur.

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