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Grazing cattle can improve soil quality

Jeanne Joy

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Here's something for the environmentalists:



We mob rotate our sheep and have for a couple of years know. I was amazed how the sheep responded to this. We have now have a few calves that we will start with them. Allen Savory book Holistic Management is a bit of a hard book to read but well worth it. Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, Allen Nation all promote a grass base system. It is quite the learning curve, and we are definitively not there yet, but our fields have improved tremendously. We have stopped making hay and buy what little hay we need, and graze the hay fields. I highly recommend The Grass Farmer.

With the price of gas and grain we are not going to be able to sustain that type of farming. Plus the impact this type of management is on the environment is tremendous. .Although for us with sheep it is more labor intensive.

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